Laurence Capital is a diversified private capital firm that passionately believes in entrepreneurial led business and the value and change they create.







Laurence Capital believes that entrepreneurs are at the centre of both economic and social change. As a result, we continually invest in later stage companies in which there is strong and talented leadership. Our Investing is not done passively – we focus on developing businesses from the ground up, including creating business models that result in efficient and transparent markets where value is fairly and sustainably distributed.

Laurence Capital was founded in 2004 by Peter Schwartz and Mark Lee. It is managed by Schwartz and, since 2013, Managing Director Paul Laufert.

Under their leadership, the company has innovatively applied its investment philosophy to the travel and financial services industries through the creation of Kognitiv Corporation and Langhaus Financial.

Kognitiv Corporation is designed to facilitate beneficial trading relationships by directly connecting consumer brands, who seek ways to offer their customer base more enticing lifestyle benefits, to owners of travel assets.  Kognitiv’s customers gain control over their customer and market data, increase their return on assets and provide tangible value for their best consumers. 

Langhaus Financial supports entrepreneurs, their families and businesses by providing capital in ways that allow these business leaders to optimize their capital structure.  Langhaus ensures that an entrepreneur’s personal and corporate affairs are optimally structured so that the company’s capital can benefit from time-tested planning opportunities.


Additionally, Laurence Capital manages its existing investment portfolio and continues to invest in public and private Canadian companies and real estate.  It is proudly based in Waterloo, Ontario.


Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz is the Chairman of Laurence Capital Corporation.


At Laurence Capital (2003-present), Peter and co-investors have invested and loaned 200+mm in capital to over 30+ Canadian entrepreneurs. He has learned from and partnered with them, while serving on many corporate and philanthropic boards.


Peter was formerly (1990-2003) Chairman & CEO of The Descartes Systems Group Inc. a pioneer in B2B Commerce Logistics. He took the company public in 1997 on the NASDAQ and the TSX and was responsible for overseeing $1 billion in M&A and financing transactions.  Descartes employs over 1000 and has customers in +160 countries and offices in over 30


Most recently, Peter Founded and is the Executive Chairman of Kognitiv Corporation.  Kognitiv is transforming B2B commerce, connecting trading partners in secure, beneficial trading relationships.


The Financial Post named Peter in their annual Top 40 under 40 at the age of 31. Peter has been a member of YPO since 1997 and was one of the inaugural members of the Great Lakes Chapter. In 1997 Peter was one of the founders of Communitech which started with a handful of great local entrepreneurs that were trying to help each other to create productive jobs and that would ultimately assist in helping to shape the confusing and fast paced world of technology. Communitech is a hub for commercializing innovative technologies in the Waterloo Region. It now encompasses an eco-system of more than $25B from over 1,000 companies.

Paul Laufert

Paul Laufert is a seasoned executive with a track record in finance, operations and corporate development. In his 25 year career, he has undertaken a number of challenging assignments; including successfully turning around a distressed manufacturing business, growing a start up biotech firm to a leading provider of home-use light based devices ultimately sold to a Nasdaq listed medical device manufacturer and, in a decade in the software industry in senior corporate development roles, leading IPO’s in Canada and the United States for Waterloo firms MKS and The Descartes Systems Group Inc.  He currently serves as the Managing Director of Laurence Capital Corp, a Waterloo based private capital firm and is a founding partner of Langhaus Financial Corporation, an alternative lender and capital provider to entrepreneurs.


At Descartes alone, Laufert’s financing, M&A and investor relations efforts raised over $450 Million and led the company’s acquisition of 13 businesses valued at over $400 Million. During his tenure, Descartes valuation rose from $12 million to over $5 billion, with cross-border listing on the TSX and NASDAQ, membership in the TSX 100 and coverage by over a dozen major software analysts, including Goldman Sachs, Salomon Smith Barney and Credit Suisse among others.


Mr. Laufert has both a bachelor of laws and a bachelor of arts degrees from Queen’s University in Kingston and is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He lives with his family near Aberfoyle, Ontario.





Technology, Growth and Innovation


Kognitiv Corporation (Dec 2009)

Cellwand Communications (Jul 2006)

Clearpath Robotics Inc. (Feb 2014)

Onco-Screen Inc. (Jun 2010)

RNA Disease Diagnostics (Dec 2020)


Achievers Corp. (Nov 2007 – Jul 2015)

Aware Inc. (Feb 2011 - Aug 2013)

BigRoad (Dec 2011 – Mar 2017)

Fiix Inc. (Dec 2011 - 2020)

GlassBox Media  (Blue Ant Media) (Feb 2010 – Apr 2011)

Globalive Communications Corp. (Feb 2005 – Apr 2009)

JumpTV Inc. (Aug 2005 – Dec 2010)

MashUp Arts Inc. (Aug 2008 – Dec 2010)

N-Able Technologies (Solar Winds) (Jun 2005 – Sept 2011)

ParkVu Inc. (Jul 2009 - 2012)

Pharos Life Corp. (Apr 2006- May 2010)

Quickplay Media Co. (Jun 2009 – Aug 2012)

Shoplogix Inc. (Feb 2009 – Feb 2012)

StereoLOGIC (Jul 2010 – Feb 2011)

Symbility Solutions Inc. (Nov 2004 – Dec 2009)

Ventus Energy (Dec 2005 – Sept 2007)

Versa Systems Ltd. (Apr 2005 – May 2013)

Wealthpoint Health Services (Oct 2013 - 2021)

XMG Studio Inc. (Jul 2010 - Oct 2020)

ZipLocal Inc. (Jan 2005)

Mid Market


Charcoal Group (Nov 2013)

Relay Ventures (Dec 2005)

Waterloo Brewing Co. (BRB.TO) (Feb 2008)


Williams Fresh Café (May 2004 – Dec 2016)

Financial Services


Langhaus Financial Corp (Nov 2014)


Maxium Financial ( Mar 2012 – Mar 2016)

Laurence Financial Services Corp. (Apr 2005 – May 2014)

Real Estate


Bauer Marketplace (Jul 2006)

Oviinbyrd Golf Club (Dec 2003)

Deer Ridge Centre (Feb 2009)

La Bastide De Laurence (Sept 2012)


Adara Villas & Resorts (Sept 2015 – May 2016)

Bauer Lofts (Jul 2006 – Apr 2014)

Oviinbyrd Forest (Dec 2003)



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